Welcome to the announcement 2024 page

Year 2024 is bringing some changes starting from 1st of January:

The first change is that from 1st of January onward there is no more series cards available (no 5 times or 10 cards anymore).
Replacing them will be kind of stamp system where the discount you get depends on how many times you visit:
- 5th time you will receive 50% off from the treatment price
- 10th time you will have a free treatment
- After the free treatment the count will go back 0 and will start again from 1 visit

The treatment prices will remain as before.

Not fully used series cards you may still have will be treated as normal (so if you have visits left on your valid card, you can use them normally)

If you have any questions, please contact me and I will gladly answer them.
And if you still want to buy series cards do that before 24th of December 2023.